Vol 1, No 3 (2014)

Technology Journal

This is the third issue of Technology Journal- A journal to publish briefs of research theses

Table of Contents


Manufacturing 28 MSCF/day of Hydrogen by Steam Reforming PDF
Mudassir Sarosh, Faisal Nazir, Khizar Aziz, Kamran Saeed, Kaiser Faheem
Manufacturing of 10 TPD of Sodium Dichromate from Chrome Ore PDF
Aatica Aumbreen, Sana Tayyab, Madiha Naz, Najma Sulttana, Ayesha Shahid
Performance Analysis of PLC G3 and Prime Standards for Narrow Band Power Line Communication PDF
Ali Waqi, Farhan Saeed, Umair Sajid Meer, Muhammad Umer Naeem
Production of 140 MTPD Conc. Nitric Acid (98%) by Recycling and Rectification PDF
Atiq Ur Rehman, Sajjid Hussain, Ali Ayub, Ahmad Saleem, Muhammad Raza Afzal, Muhammad Nauman Yousaf
Reengineering of Abrasive Material for Rice Polishing Rolls PDF
Afza Shahid, Jawad Afzal

ISSN: 2311-3995

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